Frequently Asked Questions

How does Future Capital Homes find properties?

FCH Investment team works full-time to locate hard-to-find properties for our investors. This takes lots of team work including attending real estate conferences & seminars, subscribing to and researching databases, subscribing to the multiple listing service, networking with industry insiders and commercial real estate brokers, sending outbound marketing, advertising, and constantly requesting referrals for properties for sale.

How are Future Capital Homes Investments structured?

Each investment is setup as a new Limited Liability Company(LLC) which owns the property. The investors become members of this LLC and receive a K-1 for taxes.

WHat kind of return will I make?

Each investment with Future Capital Homes is different and thus will offer different yields. Our current investors are currently earning annual cash yields of between 7.0% – 12.0% annually.

Can I pick which property to invest in?

Future Capital Homes focuses on residential properties across the United States. Each property is a separate investment which is different than a pooled fund that invests in multiple properties with no say from the investor. For each investment Future Capital Homes releases a Business Plan describing the investment, our projected returns and the strategy for each property to be acquired. It is then the investor’s choice on whether or not the investment is right for their current situation and financial goals. You can invest in one of our already performing assets, or we can locate a new one for you.

How many investments does Future Capital Home Investments manage?

We manage hundreds of residential properties.

How long has Future Capital Homes been in existence?

We have been in business since 2008.

How will I receive my money?

Investors receive monthly income payments via automated deposits straight to the bank account of their choice.

How do I keep track of my properties?

Each and every account has its own complete web portal where everything will be documented. Almost anything you want will be noted there. If there is something else you need, we are available to happily answer all your questions.

Who can invest with Future Capital Homes?

Future Capital Home Investments is only able to allow those who understand that this is an investment, and funds should not be used to invest that are supposed to be used to sustain your lifestyle.

Can I invest with my retirement account, IRA, ROTH, and pension sharing plan?

Great news. Yes you can. We work with a great company that handles all the paperwork, and makes sure that you are in legal compliance.

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