We do what nobody else does: “We Sell Investment Properties AT OUR COST!”

Our Company Process

We buy the best investment properties from our exclusive sources. We do all the repairs. We put in a qualified Tenant. Then we sell them to you AT OUR COST. Then we manage them for you to produce the highest returns, month after month, year after year. You choose from our inventory of fully rehabbed, time-proven “Cash-Flowing” properties to suit your investment goals.

Here’s how real estate investment works:


As an FCG Investor-Partner, you won’t spend a dime until you have chosen the right property for you. You choose from our list of occupied, seasoned, cash flowing properties. We offer a unique, fully managed real estate investment opportunity.



Once the property is chosen, we set up an LLC, with your name and our company, as partners. This LLC is set up with your initial fee. The fully performing, profit making, property is transferred into the company.



Along with the LLC, bank accounts, your own personal owners portals are all generated by us and registered with the state.


With your investment, you can own your very own cash-flow properties, in your own LLC, all set up and managed by our team of professionals.


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