Sunday, June 25, 2017
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BUY Our Houses for $18,500! For a limited time, we are selling all of our managed houses for $18,500.
We REHAB Your House! We arrange with local contractors and repairmen to perform the Rehab work for you!
We RE-SELL Your House for Double The Purchase Price! Our fully managed system will market and re-sell your house to an “occupant”.
You become the BANK! Cash Flows to You Every Month! You collect an average of 15% annual return on your Investment!

Future Capital Homes

What We Do

Our unique approach to real estate investing allows us to thrive in the middle of one of the worst real estate downturns in 100 years. Our system is unique because we don’t depend on banks. We are rebuilding American communities. Foreclosures have hit an all time high. With approx 250,000 foreclosures filings per month in the US we have a seemingly endless supply of properties at pennies on the dollar. As Investors, we have an unprecedented opportunity to help the average person achieve “Home Ownership”, while at the same time, safely growing our own Future Capital. We manage a Revolutionary Turn-Key Real Estate Investment System to help you do just that.


Why Our System Works

Buy a House for Less Than Rent.” This statement alone is the backbone of our system. If anyone could buy your investment property for double what you paid for it, and still pay less per month than market rent, with NO BANK INVOLVEMENT…why wouldn’t they? The process is called “Reverse Engineering”. We survey the neighborhood to determine the average rent rate, then we advertise your house FOR SALE at $100 less than that rate. The contract sale price is determined by factoring the payment amount at 10% interest for 30 years. So, the end users of our product (the lease-to-own occupants) pay, on average, $100 less than market rent in the same area…and they are getting their house for an average of 35% less than current internet values! There is the incentive for them to stay in the house and use the extra cash every month to fix up the house that they now have an ownership interest in!


Mission Statement

Our Mission is to provide and manage a system for our investors to shore up, secure and safely grow their Future Capital through innovative, market advantaged real estate strategies, while providing home ownership to people of any income level. We also strive to provide a dynamic, lucrative business opportunity to the motivated entrepreneur.

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The statistics quoted in this website pro forma are based on actual experiences and real situations. Here we make assumptions based on averages of these experiences and situations. While we endeavor to provide the most accurate information possible as to our Managed Real Estate Investment System, your actual experiences may vary. Some of the information presented here is hypothetical and for demonstrational purposes only. No representations or warranties are made regarding the accuracy of these assumptions. Buyer’s actual experiences may differ from the assumptions represented here. Prices, incentive plans, and these assumptions are subject to change without notice. Buyer is responsible for conducting his/her own due diligence and may not rely on these representations in lieu of due diligence.

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Future Capital Homes

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